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Tzedek Remembers the forgotten


Honorable Donald Bacon- Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Nebraska's 2nd district

Afghanistan Evacuation

Honorable Donald Bacon – Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Nebraska’s 2nd district, speaks on the House Floor, praising the Tzedek Association and rabbi moshe Margaretten – founder, on their efforts of saving lives, evacuating those stuck in Afghanistan

Farhad Jalal & Family thanking the Tzedek Association

Afghanistan Evacuee

Farhad was a senior interperter for the US & Britsh forces, including the late Donald Rumsfeld, then serving as secretary of defense for US President George W Bush.

Honorable Ja'Ron Smith - Former Deputy Assistant to the President, Speaking at an event fot the Tzedek Association

Prison reform

Honorable Ja’Ron Smith worked tirelessly to help the Tzedek Association get the First Step Act passed in Congress and in the Senate, as well as getting it signed in to law by the President.